About Us

Quality & Experience

FreeTron as a specialist for LPG and CNG sets a new level of Quality. Through years of experience of our Employees with liquid petro gas, we specialized in Bi-fuel systems. In a Diesel Motor Bi-fuel System a mixture of Diesel and LPG/CNG is used.

Certification & Environment

With our certified Bi-fuel System we make a joint contribution to protect the Environment through improved exhaust emissions. With up to 25% reduced fuel consumption we can give you the edge on your competition.

Trust & Commitment

A variety of vehicles have already been converted by our qualified staff over the past years. At Freetron we stand for Quality and Reliability to satisfy our customer’s needs. After all, your trust is our commitment. With specialists in branch offices outside of Germany, Freetron is able to provide a professional service around the Globe.

Research & Development

Freetron is continually expanding its network of branch offices. Each branch office is trained by one of our in-house experts. After this successful training they will be certified and capable to retrofit your vehicles with our System. We also invest into progress, in line with our customers to provide a low-cost high-quality technology and always with an eye on climate change, we are developing the technology of tomorrow. Our motto “Standing still is a step backwards”