The small tornado swept through the town of Hainesport in

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We now arrive at Niki Taylor and her Keith Urban inspired ink. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a readily available image of Niki’s. What you see here is the tat that she had done to cover up the original Latin adage, after she and Keith disproved it.

canada goose uk outlet Morris County had the most deaths blamed on extreme cold, three. Only one county, Burlington, had a tornado death. The small tornado swept through the town of Hainesport in Burlington County on Oct. The rest of the evening canada goose outlet locations in toronto became a game night of a different sort: “Hey, what about the word X?” one of us would shout. “Yep, it’s in there!” I replied more often than not. The next day, dad did his thing and crafted a front page story for his newspaper, the Stamford Advocate canada goose uk outlet.