The absolute hardest thing for me from now until they arrive

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So, wife and I have been together 17 years. We are still stupid for each other, and she is the absolute canada goose outlet canada love of my life, best friend, confidant, and co conspirator. About two years ago she started having cheap canada goose joint aches and pains, and some minor swelling in her hands, wrists, ankles, etc. So off we got to the GP, who gives us a consult to a Rheumatologist. Come to find out, she has rheumatoid arthritis, no worries, she starts treatment. Fast forward to a month ago, when our North Texas weather decided to go full mental, and start changing temps and rain/weather by the hour it seemed. She canada goose elrose parka uk woke up after overnight temp changes and thunderstorms, and her hands were HUGE, worse, her small petite fingers looked like sausages. And even though she had been previously warned about this, had slept in canadian goose jacket her wedding ring. So, now for the bad, our rings were special ordered from Ireland and custom designed, and have words in Gaelic around the exterior of the ring, negating any type of “repair”, and canada goose outlet online reviews they were designed and made.17 years ago. She was absolutely GUTTED. I assured her we would figure it out, and it wasn a big deal, but I could tell, to her, it was.

Begin Sherlock Holmes Mode. I googled until I couldn google anymore. I was able to find that the original jeweler had closed up shop canada goose outlet in vancouver 10+ years ago just due to age. I searched some more.

Canada Goose Online I finally get a response from his daughter, that she had noticed a pending message on her Da page, and that he passed away just six months ago. I express my condolences, and she asks what was the purpose of my inquiry. I go into this long diatribe about what had happened, etc. She tells me she understands, and is so sorry about what had happened. Canada Goose Online

Fast forward a couple of weeks. I get a message on Facebook from an unknown person, until she explains this was the daughter of the jeweler. She explains that she went through all her dads designs and looked up the approximate dates, and thinks she found the drawings, details, and MOLDS in her dads things, and wanted me to confirm. She sent pictures, and I confirmed that YES THOSE ARE OUR RINGS! She said she would get all of this to us as soon as possible, and asked for our address.

I open my email this morning to find tracking information, and pictures. OF OUR RINGS. She went ahead and had her BROTHER, who had taken over her fathers business make our wedding bands again, in her original size, and two extra in two larger sizes in case ebay uk canada goose her condition causes her fingers to swell/change, and mailed them out to us, at no charge. I asked why they did both as mine was fine, and she said it would not be fair that my wife had to have a new ring, and I was allowed to keep my old one. She told me canada goose outlet uk fake we needed to put our original set away, and to enjoy our new wedding bands. I asked about compensation, and she said she was honored to keep her dads work and spirit alive.

Our “New” Wedding Bands will be here Thursday.

cheap canada goose uk Trying to think of canada goose outlet london romantic way to present her with them as she has NO IDEA any of this took place. cheap canada goose uk

Canada Goose online Edit I rarely keep anything from her, but didn want to tell her I was trying only for her to be ultimately disappointed. The absolute hardest thing for me from now until they arrive will be to NOT tell her as we tell each other EVERYTHING. So now I not only need to figure out canada goose shop new york HOW to do this, but NOT to spill the beans until then. Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Jackets Edit 3 And to those of you saying “I” am awesome, not in the slightest. SHE is my world, she brought two sons to this add water family that were my pleasure to raise, and are now my best friends. She is the reason I breathe, and supported all of us when I went back to school to achieve my two doctorates to advance my career. She is my hero. I wake up every day to earn her all over again. This was one small thing I was able to do to bring her happiness, her joy is why I have a heartbeat. And I don give a good flying f at a rolling donut if I seem sappy. If a man isn allowed to get sappy over his wife, he shouldn have one. Canada Goose Jackets

buy canada goose jacket cheap TL;DR Wife had to have rings cut off due to swelling from arthritis, I went Hardy Boys and found original jeweler, who had passed away, daughter found original molds/order, and recreated rings without my knowledge and mailed them out. Was seeking advice on how to give her the new wedding bands. buy canada goose jacket cheap

The request for advice, for those of you who are having difficulty finding it, is “Trying to think of romantic way to present her with them as she has NO IDEA any of this took place.”

canada goose clearance A remarkable number of you are shockingly offended by the TL;DR. to see if the reader has the relevant past experience to offer advice. Tell her that it doesn’t matter about the rings. Suggest you say your vows again, just to prove it. Say, “Do you, beautiful wife, take me to have and to hold, etc., etc.” Then when she says “I do,” pull out the ring, say, “Rings may not matter but they are a beautiful symbol,” and slip hers on. canada goose clearance

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cheap Canada Goose Arrive at dinner, tell her about the story you’ve been dying to tell her, then show her the designs that the daughter sent to you as you tell it (this by itself is already so incredibly sweet) cheap Canada Goose.