Supermassive black holes are enormously dense objects buried

Earth. It seems so solid and permanent. But really, all you need to do is expand the Sun enough, and the entire planet would melt away. Or worse, find yourself at the mercy of some seriously powerful and angry aliens.

Actually, the beings who destroy Earth in The canada goose outlet uk sale Hitchhiker Guide canada goose black friday deal to the Galaxy, which first aired on BBC Radio 4 on this day (March 8) in 1978, were not so much angry as logical about their reasons.

buy canada goose jacket cheap In the novel, Earthlings are shocked when extraterrestrial beings known as the Vogons arrive canada goose outlet in toronto with plans to build a hyperspatial express route that runs through Earth orbit. The plans for the route were apparently lodged in Alpha Centauri (a star system four light years away) for the past 50 Earth years, leaving residents of the planet of time to lodge any formal complaint. The book Douglas Adams wrote describes it thusly: buy canada goose jacket cheap

the demolition beams. Light poured out of the hatchways There was a terrible ghastly silence. There was a terrible ghastly noise. There was a terrible ghastly science. The Vogon Constructor Fleet coasted away into the inky starry canada goose gilet uk sale void.

Canada Goose Online The situation had us at canada goose junior uk Universe Today wondering: just how did the Vogons do it? There isn much to go on, admittedly; a demolition beam, and then a terrific noise as the planet breaks apart. Canada Goose Online

uk canada goose We scoured the Internet for some answers and came up with these ideas: uk canada goose

Anti matter is most simply, the opposite of matter. If you think of matter as being made up of electrons, neutrons and protons, anti matter has its own particles that have the opposite charge and magnetic moment (a property of magnetism.) You can read moretechnical details of anti matterin our past story, but here the important take away: when matter and anti matter collide, they kill each other dead and produce gamma raysor other fundamental particles in the process. That not only complicated, but expensive. that it canada goose outlet us currently costs hundreds of billions of dollars to make a single ounce of anti matter, you might have to work an extra job to cover the expense, hewrote on Blastr.

Canada Goose Jackets This artist concept illustrates a supermassive black hole with millions to billions times canada goose down jacket uk the mass of our sun. Supermassive black holes are enormously dense objects buried at the hearts of galaxies. Image credit: NASA/JPL Caltech Canada Goose Jackets

If a black hole were to pop up right next to Earth or inside the planet, this might be a way to shrink the planet down to nothing super quick. We not sure how the Vogons did this, but hey, we talking science fiction here. It also unclear to us how bright this would look (remember, the Vogons had a light beam), but maybe the Vogons turned on the lights for dramatic effect. And here we should interject with some sobering reality from NASA, too: holes do not go around in space eating stars, moons and planets, the agency once wrote, adding that even if a black hole appeared where canada goose decoys uk the Sun is today, Earth still wouldn be sucked over there. In fact, the gravitational force would be identical and the planets would continue their merry orbits.

canada goose clearance Yes yes, we know, we mixing up our science fiction franchises. In 2011, three researchers from theUniversity of Leicester suggested that indeed a Death Star could destroy a planet, given an adequate power source. Check out the details in our past Universe Today story. Career highlights include watching three shuttle launches, and going on a two week simulated Mars expedition in rural Utah. canada goose clearance

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canada goose uk black friday 2. Nudge a star towards a close encounter with the sun a similar star to the sun coming as close as.5 light year should really disrupt the solar system and recreate something like the Heavy Bombardment period if not actually resulting in the ejection of the earth (and likely other planets). canada goose uk black friday

3. Same as 2 except use a brown dwarf or Jupiter sized planet and have it arrive within the orbit of say, Uranus that should do it too after disrupting the orbits of Uranus, Neptune and Saturn and having those move around in odd orbits in the Solar System, the Earth would be left in canada goose stockists uk a wild orbit, ejected or cheap canada goose impacted by one or more of the other planets or pushed into a collision with the sun.

4. Nudge Mercury to impact either Mars or Venus again, that should disrupt the solar system enough to create absolute havoc with Earth again destabilizing the orbit and resulting in WILD situations ejection, collision with sun, highly elliptical orbit all bad things for Earth.

5. Nudge Jupiter into a much closer orbit to the sun say inside the orbit of Mars. Should either result in the ejection of Earth (from the Solar System) or throw it into the sun or cause a collision with Mars or Venus or Mercury.

cheap canada goose uk 6. Change the rotation of a nearby (6,000 LY to 30,000 LY) pulsar, gravitar, gamma ray burster etc. so that the of radiation out of the pole sweeps across the Earth or points directly at Earth. The radiation should strip away the ozone layer and potentially the oxygen and nitrogen and fry all life. cheap canada goose uk

On Star Trek they seem to lack the ability to (consistently, repeatedly (ie, death star) blow up planets due to the sheer amount of energy required, but they can blow up Stars using several different methods. Most of the methods seem to involve either temporarily halting fusion in the star (causing a core collapse which leads to a weird type of Type II supernova) or alternatively accelerating fusion in the star to the point where the energy output of the star overwhelms the gravitational pull of the star.

canadian goose jacket In either case it always a reaction type event. canadian goose jacket

Of course that SciFa, not reality.

canada goose coats StarTrek is can be. Moral teaching is also its forte. I saw the 1st episode to the last of the 1st StarTrek series. Then all the rest of the many other series to all the movies. It was Gene Roddenberry 1st StarTrek shows in the 1960 that was so key and was the very best of them all. After it was discontinued. It got kind of off base. Gene Roddenberry didn have full rein like he did in his 1st 1960 series. A lot of his visions have come true through NASA over the years. He was a great visionaryof the 1st degree. SatrWars cannot hold uk canada goose outlet a candle to StarTrek. I agree w/your post though. Take care. canada goose coats

The only reason humans aren blowing up planets(including this one) is because we don know how to do it yet. If I was an alien I be keeping a close eye on humans just in case they start spreading any further than they already have and systematically annihilate everything as they use their gonads to exponentially breed everything else out of existence monetizing every animate and inanimate object they treat as property and then subsequently killing one another destroying everything including themselves in the end.