See if you can get some good value for guys like DJ and AJG

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Canada Goose Jackets You’re ok at WR, but that 4th one for your flex is probably gonna be a dart throw every week.If it’s me, I think I accept the fact that I’m probably not a serious contender this year and embrace a full rebuild. See if you can get some good value for guys like DJ and AJG, preferably with some 2020 1sts. Take BPA with your 4th Pick this year, which is likely a receiver.Took this team over in a pretty crappy place. Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose Online I tried going Dimir, but wouldn get enough surveil cards or [[ Dimir Spybug ]] which is really good in such deck.Boros on the other hand are super easy to draft, since you only need to get lots of Red and White creatures, some with Mentor, couple of buffs/removal and you can win most of the time. Even if you don get any great bombs you can win with pure creatures advantage and flyings that few decks have. [[Healer Hawk]] with [[ Candlelight Vigil ]] works very well and enchants Canada Goose sale are always left to draft near the end (Hawk goes pretty much instantly I noticed) Canada Goose Online.