“No matter what our nationality or our circumstances

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canada goose “May those who have lost loved ones and who comfort the injured be strengthened by your grace and have the courage to face the future,” prayed one Sri Lankan man. “May those who were injured and shocked by the tragic events in Sri Lanka recover quickly and return to their normal lives soon,” offered another. Australian Associated PressApril 24 2019 10:45PMShorten prays for Sri Lanka attack victimsAfterwards, he addressed dozens of Sri Lankan community members living in the Top End who had gathered for the service in support of those killed in the Easter Sunday terror attacks.”We do genuinely share your sorrow, we canada goose outlet uk review mourn with you, we don’t accept this is the way of the world,” Mr Shorten said.”No matter what our nationality or our circumstances, the pain and injury done to one is a pain and injury to us all.”In the aftermath of this attack on the Christian faith in this case, it was actually an attack on all faiths, canada goose outlet orlando and an attack on canada goose uk distributor Sri Lankans in Sri Lanka was an canada goose outlet oslo attack on all peoples everywhere.”Mr Shorten lamented the attack happening soon after the Christchurch mosque massacre, and being perpetrated against the Sri Lankan people still reeling from decades of canada goose outlet devastating civil war.The blasts killed more than 350 people including foreigners at luxury hotels and churches on Sunday morning.One of the suicide bombers involved studied in Australia.Mr Shorten paid tribute to the more than 100,000 “mighty” Sri Lankans who now call Australians home, paying tribute to their work ethic canada goose https://www.cagooseoutletc.com outlet store new york and love of cricket.He also spoke of his shock at learning of the attacks, having attended Easter Sunday mass with his wife Chloe and her family in Brisbane, as millions of other worshippers celebrated the holy day at home and abroad.Mr Shorten urged people to come together and reject hatred canada goose down uk as they grappled with the senseless bombings.”Now is not the time to retreat into the canada goose selfridges uk caves of our own communities, into the certainty of just our own group, our own tribe, our own clan,” he said.”Now is a time where we need to extend, put our hand out, and say we are all collectively better than the actions of a few.”Sri Lankan community leader Nishantha Wijesinghe pleaded with people to hold their heads high.”On a day that was meant for joy and celebration we instead lost over 350 of our brothers and sisters,” he said.”We as Sri Lankans and as Australians are resilient people we should not and will not let this act of terrorism bring us down. canada goose

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