Martin is the novelist from whose imagination sprung Game of

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canada goose uk black friday George R. R. Martin is the novelist from whose imagination sprung Game of Thrones, the biggest show on TV. His A Song of Ice and Fire book series (whose first book of what is now a planned seven, A Game of Thrones, was published in 1996) serves as the source material for HBO Game of Thrones. Though the canada goose gilet uk TV series will end in 2018, before Martin books do, fans still eagerly await the books ending the way their creator intended or the way he, discovering new details about the world of Westeros even now, finds his way towards. One of many takeaways from talking to the polymath Martin: am going to finish these books! canada goose uk black friday

In the case of any of my novels, I know where I starting from, I know where I want to end up, more or less. I know some of the big turning points along the way, the stuff I building for, but you discover an awful lot along the way. Characters rise up and seem more important, and you get to what you thought was going to be a big turning point and the thing you thought about two years ago doesn really work as well, so you have a better idea! There always that process of discovery for me.

Do these new ideas along the way occur in reaction to the TV show Game of Thrones? Do you find yourself trying to complicate or diverge from what airing on TV, or to dig into characters who aren as heavily featured on the show?

uk canada goose I don consider it in those terms. The show is the show and it developed a life of its own at this point. I am involved in the show, of course, and have been since the beginning, but my main focus has got to be the books. You have to remember that I started writing this story in 1991 and I first met David and Dan [showrunners Benioff and Weiss] in 2007. I was living with these characters and this world for 16 years before we even started working on the show. They pretty fixed in my mind and I not going to change anything because of the show, or reaction to the show, or what fans think. I just still writing the story that I set out to write in the early 1990s. uk canada goose

Aside from the War of the Roses, what do the books draw upon from history or life?

I had read a lot of history, a lot of historical fiction, a lot of fantasy.

canada goose black friday sale I not specifically criticizing Tolkien here I don want to be portrayed as blasting Tolkien. People are always trying to set up this me vs. Tolkien thing, which I find very frustrating because I worship Tolkien, he the father of all modern fantasy, and my world would never exist had he not come first! Nevertheless, I am not Tolkien, and I am doing things differently than he did, despite the fact that I think Lord of the Rings was one of the great books of the 20th century. But there is that dialogue that going on between me and Tolkien, and between me and some of the other people who follow Tolkien, and it a dialogue that continuing. Bush. Things have changed a lot since then. Are there moments when you been influenced by the politics of the time or commented on it? canada goose black friday sale

I think probably, to some extent, I have. I did not set out to do so. Like Tolkien, who hated the accusation he was doing allegory, and always bristled at the suggestion that Lord of the Rings was about World War II, or even World War I, which he had fought in. I not writing allegory either, but I live in these times, and it inevitable that they going to have some influence on me. But during the process of writing these, I probably would have been much more immersed in the politics of the Middle Ages and the Crusades and the Wars of the Roses and the Hundred Years War.

Your female characters stick out for their strength and complexity, but their treatment at the hands of male characters, often becoming victims of sexual violence, has raised umbrage over the years. Has that reaction surprised you?

Yes, it has, actually. And I take issue with some of it. I don think the criticisms are true or apt. I know everyone has a right to their own opinion but whatever. I writing a war story, essentially the Wars of the Roses. The Hundred Years War. They have right in the title of each of my inspirations here. And when I canada goose down uk read history books, rape is a part of all these wars. There never been a war where it wasn and that includes wars that are going on today. It just seems to me that there something fundamentally dishonest if you write a war story and you leave that out.

To a certain degree, also, it so intertwined, tragically and unfortunately, with the character histories. Daenerys doesn get to where she is unless canada goose outlet online reviews cheap canada goose she sold as a child bride, effectively a slave.

And I should point out, and you probably know this if you read the books and watched the show, Daenerys wedding night is quite different than it was portrayed in the books. Again, indeed, we had an original pilot where the part of Daenerys was recast, and what we filmed the first time, when Tamzin Merchant was playing the role, it was much more true to the books. It was the scene as written in the books. So that got changed between the original pilot and the later pilot. You have to talk to David and Dan about that.

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It seems like a double bind to not be able to move characters around with freedom because they grown to be quite so beloved by fans.

You want the reader to care about your characters if they don then there no emotional involvement. But at the same time, I want my characters to be nuanced, to be gray, to be human beings. I think human beings are all nuanced. There this tendency to want to make people into heroes and villains. canada goose outlet london uk And canada goose factory outlet winnipeg I think there are villains in real life and there are heroes in real life. But even the greatest heroes have flaws and do bad things, and even the greatest heroes are capable of love and pain and occasionally have moments where you can feel sympathetic for them. As much as I love science fiction and fantasy and imaginative stuff, you always have to go back to real life as your touchstone and say, What is the truth?

It must have been a leap to allow this adaptation to happen, knowing it could never be as internal as a novel could.

There was certainly a risk. From basically the mid through the mid I was involved in television. Whenever I turned in the script in my first draft, I would always get the reaction, we love it, but it five times our budget, so Can you go back and cut things? We can afford to do the special effects for the things you have, and the big battle you have where there 10,000 people on a side, make that a duel between the hero and the villain, and I would go back and do all of those things, because that was the job. But I always loved my first drafts, even though they weren as polished they had all the good stuff.

cheap canada goose uk And when I finally left television and film and went into prose in the mid 90s, I said, I don care about that anymore, I going to write something just as big as my imagination, I going to have all the characters I want, and gigantic castles, and dragons, and direwolves, and hundreds of years of history, and a really complex plot, and it fine because it a book. It essentially unfilmable. cheap canada goose coat The irony is, of course, that what became filmed. But when the book started hitting the bestseller list, and Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings movies started coming out, I immediately started getting interest from Hollywood. I had a number of meetings long before David and Dan, with people who said this is the next Lord of the Rings franchise. But they couldn get a handle on the size of the material, the very thing that I set out to do. I had all these meetings saying, too many characters, it too big Jon Snow is the central character. We eliminate all the other characters and we make Canada Goose Jackets it about Jon Snow. Or is the central character. We eliminate everyone else and make the movie about Daenerys. And I turned down all those deals. cheap canada goose uk

That got me thinking about it, and I said, still don know if it can be filmed. It too big to be filmed. But if it can be filmed, it can be a feature film. It too big, and if you wanted to do it as a feature film, you have to do it in ten feature films. It was all, we make one film, and if it a big hit, we make more. Well, that doesn always work out, as you found out if you know about Philip canada goose outlet toronto address Pullman His Dark Materials [a book trilogy adapted into a 2007 film, The Golden Compass, that has never had a sequel]. If the first one doesn work out, you never get the rest of the story. Television can do more. But it can be done on network television, because there too much sex, there too much violence, it too complex. These characters were not likable enough. You can put incest on [a network].

buy canada goose jacket I decided the only way to do this would be for HBO, or a similar network Showtime, Starz, or premium cable as a series, each book as an entire season. That the way to approach it. But they read it and came to the same conclusion: This can be done as a feature. So when we had that famous lunch that turned into a dinner, because we were there for four or five hours. I liked them a lot and we hit it off in the beginning. Things could have changed in the doing, things canada goose outlet germany sometimes happen where people get fired and other people get brought in, so I was rolling the dice a little. And fortunately, the dice came up sevens. buy canada goose jacket

How has your involvement in the show changed over time?

I a co executive producer on the show; canada goose outlet price David and Dan are the showrunners. Right from the first, we knew that they were going to do the lion share of the work, but I did wanted to be involved. Initially, I was involved in all the casting I wasn physically present I was here in Santa Fe. But through the wonders of the internet, I was able to look at all of the actors reading and to write them long letters and to have phone calls where I discussed which actors I like and which actors I didn like. And in the early seasons, I wrote one script per season. I would have gladly done more, but there just wasn time. I still trying to do these books. It takes me about a month to write a script and I didn have a month to spare, so I said, I think I sit out season 5. I sat out seasons 6 and 7 too, just trying to concentrate on this book, which as you know is massively late. So in that sense, my involvement in the show has diminished over time, though, I still here whenever they want to talk to me, and I always glad to weigh in. David and Dan have come to Santa Fe and we discussed many of the ultimate developments, those landmarks that I spoke to at the end of the road that we both driving for. So I don need to be quite as involved as I was at the beginning.

canada goose uk shop When you met in Santa Fe, was there a valedictory feeling, or a sad sense of time passing? canada goose uk shop

Canada Goose Parka Well, there certainly a feeling on my part that time has passed so quickly. I know that meeting was years ago but it seems to me that it was last week. Television moves very fast, and unfortunately I don write as fast as that in terms of the books. So even as late as that meeting I never dreamed that the show would catch up to the books, but it has, so we are where we are now. And hopefully we taking two roads to the same destination. Canada Goose Parka

I try to be! I can be influenced by the show. The show is great, but a television show and a novel are different things. The television show has real world concerns that I don have. There a very big budget, it one of the largest budgets in television, but it still a budget, they can just keep adding characters. I can! They have actors contracts to consider, they have shooting schedules to consider, locations, all of that real world stuff that I don really have to worry about.

canada goose clearance Has the increased level of attention in the years since the show came on made you feel like more of a perfectionist in your writing? Is it more challenging to write now canada goose clearance.