Look up the history of a marriage contract, and dowry

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Dude. Look up the history of a marriage contract, and dowry. Look up arranged marriages, and the prevalence of rape in Greek and Roman tales, or the documented relationships between adult men and young boys in multiple ancient societies. Look up the treatment of indigenous peoples by invading Europeans. I could seriously keep going for canada goose trousers uk days, with thousands of examples of how humans were incredibly prone to rape in earlier times. I haven even touched on more recent horrors or invaders, wars, conquests or the crusades, or the Vikings.

canada goose I not talking Ogg and Ugg, I talking within the last 3,000 years. There is canada goose outlet fake really no reason to be ignorant of that era of human history. We should learn from it, and have in most parts of the world today. canada goose

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Only 10% of the Indian population lives in one of the 6 big cities. But even when I want to cross the road in Delhi, I just walk to the nearest chowk, traffic canada goose black friday sale light, or crosswalk. If none are nearby, I wait for an opportune time to cross without having to inconvenience anyone. People like you are what’s wrong with India. No manners, no patience, no effort, but always plenty of excuses to go around.

uk canada goose outlet EDIT: from your post history, it seems you live in New Jersey now. I hope you’ll learn some manners there. And then, in time, come back to India and show others. That’s what’s sorely lacking, you can be the change. uk canada goose outlet

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canada goose clearance sale That’s very kind of you to say, but Indians move to Australia for a reason. Universities in Australia are much better than in India. For all the talk about IT prowess and innovation, India really has very little to show for it. Most colleges and universities are way below the level of even poorly ranked colleges in Australia. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose clearance As for Internet connectivity: it canada goose premium outlet really depends on where you live. In some places, you can get gigabit fiber optic. In most other places, there’s no POTS or cable and you need a satellite dish and Internet using cell radio (4G if you’re lucky, but it’s often slow). The cell reception around Delhi airport is notoriously bad, and in many areas of New Delhi, it’s congested. canada goose clearance

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Oh yeah, there not denying that India still has many issues. I just think that many parts of the country have progressed fairly rapidly in a short amount of time, and if that trend continues India is going to be a powerhouse of a nation in canada goose outlet in toronto 50 to 100 years. There are a lot of opportunities for young people in India that simply didn exist 30 years ago, and many more opportunities that are going to develop soon too. People here are just short sighted and like to assume that things will always stay the same.

We are a great nation with great opportunities but we are also (I feel) slowly beginning to stagnate as canada goose outlet black friday people become very complacent and happy with the status quo.

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canada goose coats on sale It highly unlikely we have to worry about a giant impact for hundreds of generations to come. Even then, the easiest solution (which would by no means be easy), would be to deflect it. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose Coats On Sale One of the highest probability (life ending) threats to Earth we know of is Swift Tuttle, the comet that causes the Perseid Meteor shower. In 3044, it is calculated to pass within a million miles from Earth. (1 in several millions chance of impact). In 4479, it has a 1 in a million chance. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

However, if it hit, it would be a force 27x greater than the impact that killed the dinosaurs.

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Assuming by deflection you mean something between us and the asteroid which will absorb the brunt of the impact while redirecting the asteroid won be able to deflect something of that mass and velocity, ever. The sheer forces of the impact would obliterate and vaporise anything we could ever make, and that assuming we could make anything large enough, which we likely will never be able to do at out current rate of progression. It hard to accurately convey the forces we are talking about here, but imagine trying to stop a tank armour piercing round by blocking it with a baseball bat. That is what deflection would be like in this scenario.

Our only options would be to redirect it (very different to deflection, this would require catching it early, making physical contact and using some kind of boosters or other technology to alter its course. The other option would be to break it into more manageable chunks that may disintegrate in our atmosphere, and we would achieve this by drilling into its core and essentially packing it full of explosives.

And yet people do it every day, friend. It annoying but you get used to it. When I was fat, it was comments about joining a gym, or always eating too much. Now that I thin, it still comments about joining the gym, but also not eating enough. I get comments from short dudes about how they love to be my height, and I on a basketball team? but also from very tall dudes about how average my height is and you wish you were taller? Women comment on my beard (usually negatively), and suggest shaving it. They notice my bald spot, and suggest shaving my head. People always notice my general hairy ness and tell me to wax/get laser therapy on my shoulders or chest. They notice my glasses, ask to try them on only to then remark about how terrible my vision is, or how I look better without them. I had people call me ugly at work, to my face, and then expect me to continue serving them with a smile. I also had people call me beautiful, and both have made me equally canada goose outlet uncomfortable in the moment.

People shouldn judge others on physical appearance or attributes, and it a shitty thing to do, but it also an unavoidable aspect of life.

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My female rottweiler wears a pink collar and has very prominent, long nipples (the vet says he thinks she was used for breeding before we https://www.thebookstop.biz got her), and everyone still calls her a boy.

I had her with me going through a drive thru and the lady who handed me my food said “look at that dog sitting there like he a grown man” and I laughed and said she actually a girl and the woman replied “I don care if that dog is pregnant right now, that a grown ass man dog!”

canada goose uk shop On the other hand, she does lift her leg to pee so. canada goose uk shop

Edit: Bella, my female grown ass man dog

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I had 2 full canada goose sale uk days of free UBER eats as long as my meals where under $3. That was an interesting $38 hours.