If the developers broke the fire code

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Canada Goose sale If not, nothing really changes for them except their maintenance fees go to the council/government agency/whoever and they no longer need to live in fear of burning to death.Acnmq11 1 point submitted 1 day agoIf the the leaseholders signed a lease that explictly states “The leaseholder agrees to canada goose gloves uk pay the cost of any undiscovered fire code issues and their rectification, as part of ongoing maintenance charges”. Do you think they should be required to pay that cost? Because many of the contracts signed by the leaseholders include clauses that mean they are legally responsible.not sure why people seem keen to exempt leaseholders from paying these charges, surely that is part of owning a property? If it is an emergency the government can give loans to them, but I don know why people are keen to suddenly make 3rd parties responsible for paying what these people agreed to pay. If the developers broke the fire code, they should defintely be responsible, but the developers are often not the building owners.Acnmq11 3 points submitted 2 days agoAn example of a scapegoat would be a banker who had no role in the economic crash or any form of malpractice, and currently works on raising funds for green energy start ups, being told “You are one of those bankers, you are going to get cheap canada goose winter jackets what you deserve and then the country will does canada goose have a black friday sale be better off.”In this context Corbyn is applying the actions of some bankers to all bankers Canada Goose sale.