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buy canada goose jacket “Kids should greet guests that come to the house. Maybe they shake hands, maybe they give a hug, and then they go back to their playtime if it’s really a gathering for adults.”Eberly suggests following the lead of a mom who has her children tell her later what color guests’ eyes are.”It’s a way of having them focused on that person, not focused on themselves,” she says. “If your child tends to be shy, it can help them to have something for them to focus on other than their own shyness as they greet people.”The same proper greetings and goodbyes should be given to parents, too.”Children don’t like to be nagged about chores the minute they come in from school, so children should put themselves in the shoes of their parents and say, ‘Wow, I know I like Mom to say “hello” to me, but I don’t want her to nag me, so I’ll say “hello” canada goose outlet when she gets home but then give her canada goose expedition parka black friday some time to just come in to the house and not be bombarded by requests or noise,'” Eberly says. buy canada goose jacket

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