I do hunter gatherer archaeology in the west

Native American woman

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cheap canada goose uk I not excusing or buying into the myth. I do hunter gatherer archaeology in the west. This isn some myth of the conquerors in order to ease white guilt. Something like only 3/10 native people survived (aka 70% death rate) the initial outbreak occurring post AD 1520 and pre major colonization. The tribes canada goose down jacket uk hardest hit by disease were those in the east and south east, however it canada goose outlet vancouver hit everyone to an extent at some point as expansion pushed west. cheap canada goose uk

This is not only evidenced in the archaeological record, but also in the accounts of the first settlers. They speak of open, almost manicured countrysides and recently (still 20 years beforehand) emptied villages.

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canada goose clearance The canada goose factory outlet toronto location pandemic theory is not some government conspiracy to suppress the truth. It well supported in both history (written accounts) and archaeology (material culture). canada goose clearance

For anyone casually interested in learning more about the Americas before first contact in an easy to canada goose uk sale black friday read format I strongly recommend 1491 by Charles C Mann. I am convinced we would have a much richer culture and a completely different way of life if we still had Native American populations throughout the country. The contributions they could have made to our understanding of nature, ecology, sustainability, spirituality, etc could have been endless. It makes me really sad

edit: to everyone trying to give me a lesson in american history, I am aware of the history involving the interactions between europeans and eventually americans and the native americans. I was simply trying to say that I think society and culture in the US would be a lot more interesting if there was a MUCH larger portion added from native american culture.