He was in such a good rhythm on serve, I couldn do anything

best hermes replica handbags Embattled Davis Cup captain Lleyton Hewitt and legend Tony Roche in the stands, Kyrgios did his best to combat his deteriorating condition and the huge serve of the former world No.3.Australia’s Nick Kyrgios serves against Canada’s Milos Raonic. (Photo by DAVID GRAY / AFP)Source:AFPThe 2016 Wimbledon finalist, Raonic fired down 30 aces, including an astonishing second set where he put together a winning run of 29 successive points on serve.That streak came to an end in the tie break, when Kyrgios might have stolen the momentum with an astonishing around the net passing attempt that sailed 14 millimetres wide.A minute later, Raonic slammed down his fastest serve of the match on set point, a 224kph rocket into Kyrgios body, that gave the Canadian complete control.Kyrgios denied his knee issue had anything to do with the result, saying he seen serving like that in my life was just watching it literally going side to side. He was in such a good rhythm on serve, I couldn do anything. best hermes https://www.pursevalleyreplicahermes.com replica handbags

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