As a deterrent weapon, such swarms are theoretically

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fake hermes belt women’s Upon discovery, however, the swarm may be prompted to disperse and regroup in smaller numbers to neutralise enemy defences.As a deterrent weapon, such swarms are theoretically unsurpassable in terms of cost, efficiency and in the ability to create a territorial cordon sanitaire with minimal risk of escalation.Suicidal terrorists will be neutralised by miniature kamikaze drones. What more can a jawan ask for along the Line of Control in Kashmir?But where does India stand in this transformative Revolutions in Military Affairs (RMA)?Although it is acquiring local and foreign drones for a variety of anticipated missions, the Israeli Searchers, Herons, Harpys and Harops remain the speartip of the Indian arsenal. However, these drones collectively cost hundreds of millions of dollars to the exchequer, necessitating a closer look into alternative drone paradigms that are more cost effective and lethal.Military drones will remain indispensable as they can replace the human pilot and remain operational for extended periods of time under a variety of terrains, altitudes and weather conditions.The edge possessed by hi tech military drones, however, will be blunted as soon as they fall into enemy hands fake hermes belt women’s.