• HydraGen™

    The benefits of HydraGen™ Technology Fuel consumption reduced by 8.9% NOx reduced by 88. 7% CO reduced by 27.2% CO2 reduced by 9.6% THC reduced by 57.1% Ammonia reduced by 56.5% Particulate Matter reduced by 55.3% Particulate Number reduced by 95.1%   More Information… (PDF)   Freetron is now Authorized HydraGen™ Dealer


    Your specialist for LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) and CNG (Compressed natural gas) Our Arguments: Reduced harmful emissions Reduced Fuel costs Nationwide Refueling stations Proven Technologie Increased millage Short amortization time Low taxes on LPG/CNG maintenance-friendly safe & secure Standardized Fuel Quality (DIN EN 589) Simple refueling Authorized HydraGen™ Dealer Newly available at Freetron – HydraGen™ […]