54 toll to use the bridges and cross 60th Street

Canada Goose Outlet City Council Transportation Chairman Ydanis Rodriguez outlined his vision for the future of transportation in New York City in a policy report yesterday. His plan calls for using our waterways more to move commuters, expanding Citi Bike to more neighborhoods, and adding more fast bus routes. Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Rodriguez also endorsed the controversial idea to toll the free East River bridges as a way to raise money for the MTA and for road improvements. The “congestion pricing” plan looks to raise $1.5 billion a year mostly through a $5.54 toll to use the bridges and cross 60th Street. It lowers tolls on bridges like the Verrazano and canada goose outlet online uk the Triborough. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

canada goose uk black friday The Councilman said tolling the free bridges has the potential to “revolutionize canada goose montebello uk the canada goose uk distributor way our Canada Goose online city moves and make our roads that much cleaner, safer, and more equitably used.” Mayor de Blasio added “it’s something that’s worth looking at,” but cautioned “right now in Albany, there’s canada goose emory parka uk no appetite for it.” What do you say? canada goose uk black friday

uk canada goose outlet Do you support a plan to toll the free East River bridges and charge drivers to enter the busiest areas in Manhattan? Would a $5.54 toll on the Brooklyn, Manhattan, 59th Street, or the several Bronx bridges affect the way you commute? Should elected officials expand express bus routes, Citi Bike, and ferry service in the five boroughs? What ideas do you have to improve the commute in New York City? uk canada goose outlet

Canada Goose Jackets Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! Many viewers expressed that they feel tolling the East River Bridges is unfair especially for those travelers who have to use them often. During the show, we gave you a glimpse of Mitchell Moss’ opinion on the issue. He is the director of New York University’s Center for Transportation. He says quote, “[Tolling] is a controversial idea because we are lowering the tolls on the bridges where canada goose outlet uk sale the traffic is really growing and we’re raising them on some of the bridges where it isn’t growing.” It appears lots of viewers agree with that perspective. https://www.baertakreation.de Is it fair for drivers who use the less frequently traveled bridges to have to pay more? I use public transportation to get around the City so this would not directly impact me but, as one caller mentioned, prices of almost everything here in the City are surging. Should drivers really have to front an additional cost? Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose “Well I think the question of tolling has to be looked at in terms of how much revenue it is generates. We know that the tolling issue in New York is much more complex because the tolling that he would be proposing is one of lowering the tolls on the bridges such as the Whitestone the Throgsneck and raising them on the East River. can fix the crumbling roads because they need to be fixed ASAP. Congestion pricing should start below 96 street, it’ll cut down on the uk canada goose jackets amount of cars on the roads if people canada goose outlet boston carpool. Less traffic will be downtown and the buses will get to their destination on time, I would support a $6 toll on the Brooklyn, Manhattan, Ed Koch and Bronx bridges if the money go to the MTA. When the MTA get the extra money they should add more local buses on the private lines that were taken over by the canada goose outlet online store MTA in the outer boroughs and one last thing they need to make the M5 a select bus that’s a long trip from the Battery to the GWB. canada goose

uk canada goose I find abusive that a system that serves metropolitan areas cheap canada goose expects New Yorkers to pay more each year for their expansion to cover areas where developers are changing the landscape. If I own a Bodega and wanted a Supermarket, I would not be able to just raise the prices of the goods I sell. However, is what MTA does it puts the burden of expansion on the straphangers. We in canada goose black friday discount New York pay the highest taxes and the out of towners should pay to come to New York and cross our bridges. I see lots of plates from New Jersey, Connecticut and Pa among others. Let them pay a fee and ease the pain for all of us New Yorkers uk canada goose.